Wednesday, January 13, 2010

down the way.

paper tissue

i'm the girl down the way.
the one with the jeans and t-shirt on.
there is a collection of childrens books in my closet.
and design magazines on my floor.
thrift stores and me have lots of fun together... in general is a hobby of mine.
i work in a beautiful place, with beautiful people,
both on the inside and out.
after a long, stressful day its possible you'll find me
sprawled on the sofa watching full house re-runs.
yes, it's true...hey, i grew up in the nineties.
i'm the girl who loves the feel of salty ocean water...
drinks too much diet coke,
and cries when she watches the friends episode
when chandler proposes to monica.
running makes me feel powerful,
country rock music is the key to my soul,
i have a secret love for the black-eyed pea's...
and nunny's smile makes my heart leap.
yeah, i'm just the girl down the way...


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