Saturday, January 9, 2010

going dr. suess on you....

so, what is college like life you ask?
well let me first tell you, it's no easy task.

you may move to an island far, far away.

or quite possibly be a bridesmaid on your friends
wedding day.

sometimes you'll just need some chocolate cake to
relieve your stress....

and when that doesn't work,
a lot of diet coke with lime will conquer the rest...
you may take a road trip to hollywood.

or explore an attic just because you could.

it's possible you'll find new ways to make the most of little time...
(working out while brushing teeth)
or run out of ideas to rhyme.

you may spend a few days in beautiful mexico...

and have friends that you really hate to see go.

it's a long road, yes i won't lie.
but once you're approaching the end,
it's strange to say goodbye.

it's such a happy thought, being completely done
with school in just a few months...
and at the same time i can't help but worry
and wonder and wish that some parts of it, i could
just take with me forever.

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