Sunday, January 3, 2010

i was older then...

so...what did 2009 leave us with?
a year of stimulus packages and bailouts...
a new president that we watched in eagerness,
leaders that we watched in dismay and discouragement.
a lost icon who, with his revolutionary dance moves and historic words,
changed human nature as we know it..
"don't tell me you agree with me.
when i saw you kicking dirt in my eye,
but, if you're thinkin' bout my baby,
it don't matter if you're black or white."
social media took another leap with a 'tweet, tweet'.
ashton kutcher finally found his place in the world.
conan o'brien filled the tonight show slot,
which proceeded to become much more humorous.
the swine flu gave the world a scare.
...and was deemed a global pandemic.
captain richard phillips proved to be a hero against
somali pirates in a five day stand-off.
miss california was dethroned for expressing her
opinion on same-sex marriage,
oh and did i mention...right to perez hilton's face ha ha.
captain chelsley sullenberger became a hero after
safely landing flight 1549 in the hudson river.

it was an eventful year.

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