Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a letter to me.

paper tissue

dear keen,

one of these days, i plan to be a better friend to my dearest aubry. she is serving an lds mission, and i do not write to her nearly enough. but at this moment i would like to send out an 'i love you' to her and hope some cosmic force will allow her to recieve it.

your nails are drying right now, and if i do say so did a fine job on those french tips. my eyes are feeling a little bit sleepy, and i can't help but feel slightly frustrated. you see, it's really bothering me. let me explain. a few days ago i got into a conversation at work with my lovely friends holly and suzanne about how in many movies now days, there are these strange looking men (who really aren't attractive at all) with beautiful, slender...physically perfect wives. think about it. an example of this would be the movie couples retreat. not a big fan of the movie, but it really is a prime example. so here is my question, answer if you've got anything: why is it that these movies are telling us that women should be perfect and men don't have to be? why are we the ones getting picked on? how on earth does vince vaughn end up with malin akerman? or jon favreau (seriously unattractive) end up with the gal from sex in the city? really, looks aren't the most important thing to me. but it's just the idea of it that frustrates me...that woman should simply be perfect....just something i've been thinking about.

well, now i'm even more exhausted. but you and si really had that crowd going at applebee's tonight. "do re mi" has never been more rocking. you're trying to live and carry through with your change #1. i'm proud of you. don't get discouraged. its shaping up to be a fantastic year.
to nunny, you've got this under control. part of being human is making mistakes. part of being human is learning and growing from those mishaps...part of being human is feeling the pain of disappointment but then waking up the next morning with a new and glorious begining. keen has faith in you, always.

in the words of billy, happiness will make you wonder. will i feel ok? it scares the disenchanted far away. yeah i want something new but what am i supposed to do about you. yeah i love you, it's true. -smashing pumpkins, hummer


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  1. i can't even say how much i love your blog. i get sucked in.


from keen.