Saturday, January 16, 2010


i spent tonight with two of my best friends....
jessica (the one on the far left) is now back from washington d.c., where she was doing student teaching. and erin (middle) is in town from omaha, nebraska where she is going to creighton dental school.
i love these ladies so very much.
we've seen each other through pretty much everthing...
many many broken hearts, quite a few nights of dark chocolate m&m's and heart cookie, the stresses of finals week (especially when you live with two studious girls like jessica and erin), lots and lots of laughter, and of course...everything that aubry every did. (aubry is the fourth member of our little friendship, who is currently serving an lds mission. we miss her lots.) aubry is special.
it was so great to catch up and spend time with them.
that is one of the greatest parts to college...the people you meet and the friendships you create and take with you forever.

thank you erin, for that one long night when we both kept each other company in the family room, with our broken hearts and box of uncomfortable as sleeping on that love seat was...i was so grateful to have you there with me.

thank you jessica, for all those late nights we would stay up on the top bunk, me on the bottom bunk, just chatting about who knows what. most the time i don't think we even knew what we were talking about probably because we were half asleep.

and to aubry, thank you for being a joy in all our lives. tonight we couldn't help but think about you as we laughed about old times. you are and i think that is why we love you the way we do.

love you girls.


from keen.