Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the fruit stripe day.

life is full of colorful moments. some of those moments are so vibrantly orange or sunshiney yellow that you could swear you hear the beatles singing ob-la-di, ob la da as you walk down the city streets. other moments are more charcoal grey...deep sea blue...or midnight black. these are the moments when you feel so lost and so alone that you hear no music at all. but here is part to be remembered: moments come quickly and are gone before you know it. this applies to both the good and the bad.

kind of like a piece of fruit stripe gum. remember, when you were a kid and fruit stripe gum was the best? well, i bought some today- only $.88 at walmart. i slipped a piece in my mouth on my way out to the car. it was delightful! pretty much as great as i remembered it being. unfortunately, the flavor was almost completely gone by the time i actually reached my car. it was so tasty, but came and went much too quickly....hmmm....kind of like a perfect first kiss at the end of life is beautiful. or an afternoon at sunset beach on a magically sunny day....an hour of running through the rain, barefoot in the streets. or a roadtrip through the desert, listening to neil young. a sporadic dance party with your younger sister. or the clean smell of his face next to yours in the morning time. whatever it is...it is there. blink. it is gone.

so, what do we learn from this? just like a piece of cherry fruit stripe...enjoy it while the flavor is there. and don't worry, the beautiful moments in life will never end. times get hard, unbareable at times...but there is always another sunshiney moment just around the corner...or just sitting in your purse waiting for you to take another piece of....

perhaps i'll try the orange this time.

thanks nunny.

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  1. "for the arrow is flown, and the moment is gone..."


from keen.