Friday, February 12, 2010

a reason for celebration.

i'll be the first to tell you, i'm not a fan of valentines day.
i am a fan of love. and i do feel that it is probably one of the most
worthwhile causes for celebration.

so, with that in mind...what do you love?
who do you love?
why, why do we love?

in the words of neil young, 'long ago in the book of old,
before the chapter where dreams unfold,
a battle raged on the open page. love was a winner there
overcoming hate. like a little girl who couldn't wait.'

love to me, is what keeps the pages turning.
a beautiful hymn on a sunday morning.
falling asleep with your hand next to his.
a chat over a diet coke with your best girlfriend.
hand-writing letters in the breakfast nook...
falling for him, so hard that you're weak at the knees.
being part of someone else's dream.
turning just in time to see him give you that smile.
realizing that you have the power to run another mile.
thrift store shopping with your designer friends.
listening to black star off of 'the bends'...
wearing an outfit that works out just right.
watching for shooting stars on a summer night.
knowing one day you'll have a gold ring on your finger.
symbolizing his love for you, for all time. forever.

i guess, its knowing that it's okay to be a romantic...
that celebrating love is really a beautiful tradition.

'carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree
and hold me for goodbyes and whispered lullabyes.'

-the smashing pumpkins

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