Wednesday, February 17, 2010

....nine years later.

i love this picture. (click to see larger)
here you see katie, sarah, and i when we were in the 7th grade.
weren't we cute?

well, here we are. nine years later.

{sarah, katie, me}
we had a fun little girls night out.

{sarah and the indian}
the evening began with some delightful mexican food
at los hermanos.
i love these ladies. we always have a good time.
and i love being around katie, because she always
laughs my jokes...

then the next stop, pilates class.

turns out we were a little early, so we snapped some pictures.

aren't we cute? it brings me so much joy that even after
nine years we are able to get together and be the friends
we always were.

our lives are all at different crossroads.
we have our own, unique stories to tell...
our various worries and wonders.
but as i look back and think about the past nine years,
i just smile.

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