Sunday, February 21, 2010

some frozen yogurt and red grapes.

{picture from here}

it's been a lovely week.
not only was i fortunate enough to discover
red mango's new (sadly, limited time only) cocoa bean frozen yogurt....
(and i'm not really a yogurt fan, but this delightful flavor has
overtaken my thoughts and dreams)
but i also discovered that the random bruises
appearing on my legs were a symptom of slight iron deficiency...
hence, i've begun to increase my intake of iron-rich foods.
it seems to be helping.
to my great delight, i was also informed that america
will be performing in utah again this july!
and i am most definitely going to be in attendance...
this week i was able to hang out with old friends that
i've missed dearly.
and new friends that share my love of thrift store shopping,
nordstrom rack and diet coke.
this week i've been obsessed with yummy red grapes,
lunchables (you know- with the meat, cheese and crackers),
and making fun of megan fox.
(i don't know why, but i've thrown out a lot of megan jokes this week)
this week, i love you...just like always.
yes, nunny. i really do.

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