Monday, March 1, 2010


perhaps it has to do with the fact that my mom
had me enrolled in reading classes
and doing 'hooked-on-phonics' at a young age,
reading 'where the wild things are' and learning-
from a very theatrical young teacher i might add- that
reading is a way to stretch the limitations of
the human mind...

but whatever the reason, i'm obsessed with my books...
and the shelves they spend their time on.
when i grown up i would love to have the following
bookshelves in my home.

lets be honest, i really just love this whole set up
from anthropologie.
the rug, the stool, the chair...
but my favorite part is the industrial bookshelf.

how delightful is this?
i can only dream of one day having a complete
wall of bookshelves...
and i adore the idea of sitting down to breakfast in
this lovely setting. oh, and it has a ladder!
{i'm also obsessed with ladders, but more on that later}

and this...well this is honestly a dream of mine.
i will hand build my children a room like this
if i have too.
reading is such an important part of being a child.
reading taught me to dream. to imagine. and to feel the
freedoms and brilliance of the human mind.
this room is magical.
i've been collecting children's books for many years now...
one day i hope my collection will be big enough to fill
my children's library.

and that my my obsession with bookshelves.

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