Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear march...

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i have mixed emotions about your arrival. yes, i am looking forward to slightly warmer weather, which we've already been blessed with in your mere few days with us. i cannot deny that it is good to be have february over and done with. but at the same time, i sit in astonishment, bewildered as to where it has gone. it seems as if it passed with one quick turn of the head. it is kind of frightening how quickly time passes by.

march, you are special to me. you are a symbol of hope, a mark of goals to be reached...a time of changes that will be made and a chance for a fresh start to *the beautiful. thinking too much about you leaves me feeling excited and shaken at the same time. i guess only time will tell what changes will come. for now, all i can do is prepare myself. have faith. and try to continually do better.

though you do leave me feeling a little overwhelmed, i am not scared of you. in fact, you make me happy. you're like a drizzly morning in early spring...you send a slight chill through my spine, but make me smile as i step into your world. whatever you have to say to me, i'm ready. bring it on. because i feel stronger than i have in a long time.

today i wrapped my hair up in a bun and put on my favorite sweater. i spent time with my mom. and laughed with my sisters. i bought some crisp red grapes at the market for an afternoon snack. and spent time dreaming about how i would decorate my future home. i treated my body to a rejuvenating hour of pilates class. and enjoyed time talking to friends. so far, march, you've been pretty good.

elie wiesel once said, "i write to understand as much as to be understood." i can feel the power and relate to the meaning of those words. i write to you. i write about nothing. i write in frustration. i write in peace...i continuously document my thoughts and feelings and ramblings...not necessarily for others to understand my words, but for me to find understanding with myself.

welcome march.

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