Sunday, March 21, 2010

dear tomorrow.

dear tomorrow,

oh how i hope you bring me more energy than today. seven days can sometimes be so long. and the past week definitely falls under that 'long' category. today i could barely keep my head up. or my eyes open. my body isn't always as tough as i think it is.

you see, i have this problem where i quite convincingly persuade myself that i don't need sleep. but then days like today come along, and i realize how fantastic sleep truly is.

though this week was a strenuous one, it was superb. seeing the progression and success i am privileged to be a part of is exhilarating. this week brought me happiness, confidence, and left me dancing to my own a world that feeds me tunes i just don't care about. (and please, take that metaphorically and literally. because seriously, i don't know what is up with most of the popular music these days. let's all just go back to the 70's.)

have you ever stepped out your front door and truly felt the power of a new day? well tomorrow...that's gonna be you. i'm done waiting. my mind wanders back into the world of dr. seuss. (for those of you who don't know, i heart dr. seuss). in his book, oh the places you'll go...he talks about a waiting place. read more about it here.

well...once again, today i decided that i am packing up and heading out of that stupid old waiting place. i know what i have to offer. i know what i can be. and there just isn't any reason to sit around and wait.

but as for tonight, tomorrow dear...i am very sleepy. so for now, i'll say goodnight. tomorrow, you'll be here soon enough.

p.s. i'm going to arizona this week. :)

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