Friday, April 30, 2010

women all around.

today was nice.
i went to womens conference at byu with my mom....
and though large masses of women are really not in my 'comfort' zone,
we had a lot of fun...

my mom, just as happy as can be. isn't she cute?

i brought my own diet coke onto campus...i still think byu
needs to seriously reconsider their caffeinated beverage status.

this picture is nasty, but this is my favorite thing to order at taco bell.
their plain tostada. num num.
the problem is...the taco bell in the cougar-eat
is one of the only locations around that still carries it.
so i always treat myself when i eat on campus.

my long time friends, barb and gretchen.

probably one of the weirdest pictures ever taken of me. i can't decide
if i look high...or if i look high. yeah pretty sure i look high.
but there she goes...reading the daily universe.

we were blessed with the opportunity to volunteer
at the conference's humanitarian event.
we made hygiene kits for the church humanitarian center.
it was an uplifting and motivating experience.

grateful for today.

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