Sunday, May 9, 2010

aruba, jamaica, ooh i wanna take ya.

my family took an awesome little trip down to st. george this
weekend to see
the beach boys!
we got there pretty early friday morning, and were able to
spend some time with our grandparents.
(of course, we had taco bell for lunch. my family loves taco bell...definitely more than we should)
we then went shopping...
and we went in and out of the dressing room so many
times trying things on that finally the adorable little
Asian woman running the fitting room gave us
'v.i.p. passes'.
after our shopping craze died off...we spent some time
at the swimming pool.
the following two pictures are of my sisters and i trying
to lift each other up in the air. we sucked at it, obviously.
then five guys for dinner,
which was actually really really good.
grandma and grandpa stewart.
grandpa and i share the same love for their cajun fries.
my grandparents are pretty cool.
the family.
and of course...the yearly stop to the red rocks above st. george.
you may remember last years visit
does this look like a turtle/lizard/snake head to you?
yeah, it did to us too.

and on to the main event...
the beach boys
tuachan 2010!
my sister likes to creep me out sometimes by getting
uncomfortably close to me...she's just siera.

the concert was fantastic!
and honestly, that doesn't even begin to describe it.
it was a life changing experience.
needless to say, i've been rocking out to the beach boys
ever since...
it's all about the harmonies. they rock so hard.
just a few pictures from before the show...we're always the
ones that arrive to everything like an hour early.
it's just our style.
yes, thats the beach boys.
(obviously they aren't all the originals, but i love them all the same)
i love tuachan.
i love the beach boys.
i love frozen lemonade.
i love red rocks.
i love desert heat.
i love that it was all old people there.
i love that i got to experience it.
i love that we danced the night away...
last year we saw america perform there and it changed
my life. america is my band. dewey and gerry are my boys...
tuachan was the most perfect place to see them.
and i've got to say...
the beach boys were right up there with them in my book.
being there was a special experience.
during a few of their love songs a couple of the old folks
around us would stand up and start slow dancing...
in front of a sold out front of hundreds and hundreds
of beach boy fans...
and they'd just dance. they didn't care.
they took it nice and slow.
i like that, a lot.
i think i'll have that one day.
moral of the story...
if you ever have the chance to see the beach boys in concert,
you really should.
and i'm fairly certain i was born in the wrong time.

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