Wednesday, May 19, 2010

erin visits utah.

my dear erin came to visit this past weekend.
{she's my very smart best friend that is in dental school}

we had a really good time.
it made me miss all the past adventures we had.

{we lived together for three years}

here we are, together once more.
sadly, we're just missing aubry.

{who, as you know, is currently on a mission}

erin, emily and jess.

we went to macaroni grill and then
proceeded to get some frozen yogurt...

the next day we went up to temple square, which was
so beautiful.

me and erin.

of course, we managed to squeeze in a 2a.m.
del taco run...for old times sake.
some kneaders french toast the following morning...
yes, this is just the way we live.

we then spent the afternoon shopping
and at sundance.

these are pictures of my ancestors up at sundance...
yeah, we could have been rich.

and then the visit came to an end
with one of my favorite provo landmarks.

erin, we love you.
miss you already....

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