Wednesday, May 12, 2010

an okay lie.

i asked the old man with the bowtie,
how are you today?
he responded, 'it's another day. and i'm doing wonderful.'
well, i replied...
that is certainly good to hear.
'yes,' the man with the bowtie continued...
"i refuse to be any other way."
that is admirable... i told him sincerely.
'well, sometimes i have to lie to myself,'
he said with a laugh,
'but i figure that's an okay lie."

i agreed.

and then neil young's song played in my head...
although the answer is not unknown.
i'm searchin. i'm searchin.
and how i've grown...

-world on a string

p.s. i'd love to have this poster framed on my wall
one's fantastic, wouldn't you agree?


  1. I like these lyrics. I also like this poster. You should hang it on your wall. Use


from keen.