Monday, May 10, 2010

to mom. from keen.

i know this is a little late, but i have a few things to say about my mom... first of all, i need to say thank you, because i definitely do not tell her enough. you see, my mom is one of the most selfless mother's in all of the world. for as long as i can remember, she has never put herself first. it's always been about scrounging up enough money to give us the dance lessons we wanted or buying us those pink velcro shoes we simply couldn't live without. sure, they meant a tighter budget for her the next month but seeing us happy has always been a top priority for mom. and for that, i thank you shelley.

my mom doesn't let me leave the house without making sure that i know she loves me. i will never be able to say that my mom didn't love me, because she's probably told me a million times. nothing is impossible for me in my mothers eyes. i can be anything. i can do anything. i am the best. she never lets me believe i'm a failure, even when i fail. my mom has always given us confidence, courage, and belief in ourselves and our capabilities. thank you mom.

from nights of crying myself to sleep over some moments of being a crazy fifteen year-old girl ready to fight about anything and attempting in the third grade to wear hard contact lenses (this was a surprisingly traumatic experience in my life. lets just leave it with saying that i definitely stick to my beloved soft contact lenses) evenings out with the girls eating chocolate reeses peanut butter cup shakes- my mom has always been there for me. she's put up with my ridiculous crap. she's loved me even when i'm a snob. she's taught me about being a classy, confident...spiritual woman, and a caring, loving and dedicated mother.

dear mom,

you are truly the best. i hope to one day be even a small portion of the mother that you've been to us. we look up to you, admire you, and love you!

love, keen.

p.s. thanks for signing me up for that reading class at grosmont college with the crazy lady when i was little...i still remember it. and thanks for telling me that i could get the part in the nutcracker ballet if i just went out there with a smile and show them how great i was...even though i really was actually kind of bad at ballet. love you mom.

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