Friday, May 21, 2010

a white horse or something.

there once was a time, a lovely, special time...
when i trusted in my own
during this time,
i was not afraid to
fight for love.
in fact, i welcomed the challenge with courage.
heart did the leading.
my mind simply followed.
but then the day came when i no longer had
such faith in
the clarity of love.
and i realized, i was
tired of fighting.
tonight, i took a long walk at
thinking of the feelings i felt.
i thought i could
sit back and wait for the man,
the one on the
white horse or something.
the girls say, that he will
sweep me away.

but then i realized....

you see.
i'm just not that
i don't like to have things
handed to me.
and i don't expect to be
swept away.
i fight for the
things that i love. i always have.
and i fight for what i want.
and i think that is how it is going to sta

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