Tuesday, May 25, 2010

who makes you sing?

do you ever have days where you just need to sing?
maybe, it's because the rain is falling softly and a michael buble song is playing, oh so calmly, in your head... perhaps, it is because this day or the night before this day, or the thought of such a day...brings you hope. big hope. small hope. it's hope all the same. or is it more than hope? is it a reason? a reason to believe in love. a reason to believe in beauty....a reason to let yourself sing.
andy davis will play about love being bigger than us all. you should listen to the words and join him. some may call you a romantic, others may call you a child. but ask youself,
who makes you want to sing?
who is the one that brings music to your life?...that leaves your stomach feeling like it's experiencing a sudden vertical drop? and that drives you to listen to every sappy neil young love song there is? so true neil, love is a rose. maybe this is the one that will twirl you around in the kitchen, and slowly pull you closer to the voice of ray charles, 'you don't know me'.
and you'll sing along. because he makes you want to sing. once again, you smile. once more, you stare at the ceiling in simple joy as you attempt to sleep. you can only pray, pray with all you've got that this time around, that this time...love will win. for once again, you sing.
i like to sing.

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