Monday, June 28, 2010

hello, monday.

deemed as the 'must-have-a-chocolate-chip-cookie-day'
perferably from kneaders, please. make it slightly under baked,
and loaded with chocolatey goodness.
the day after sunday.
warm morning walks and soft special kisses.
sunburnt after falling asleep in the late june sun.
when make-up is just a six letter, hyphened word.
and an extra diet coke is nothing to be ashamed of.
start of a fresh week. a new leaf. another chance to rock the world.
who knows what tuesday, or thursday, or friday will bring.
but who cares.
because it's only monday.
dreaming of those moments with you.
you kiss my forehead and look off, into the distance.
monday's not so bad.
thanks, monday.
and thank you meg (i love this),
i always enjoy reading what you have to say.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the question why.

Why am I here? Because I chose to be.
Why did I laugh? I enjoy laughing. Plus, that was dang funny.
Why did the Kristen in the mirror frown today? I'm a girl. We do that sometimes.
Why is my hair blonde? I had it colored that way.
Why do I have to use the green straw for my diet coke at the seven eleven? It's me being ocd. Too much red if I use the red straw.
Why am I tired? My sleeping hours are simply not long enough.
Why did he say that? Nope. Not even going there. If you want to say it, tell me straight up. I refuse to analyze.
Why did I feel threatened? No idea.
Why did I listen to that song? Because it reminds me of you. And you is good, real good.
Why do I run? Because it gives me complete, untainted control over my body and mind.
Why do I keep that secret? Probably because I don't care to tell anyone.
Why am I hesitant? I'm not eighteen anymore. Life happened.
Why am I so blessed? I'm the daughter of a God who wants to see me truly happy.
Why do I write? Because that's what I do.
Why do I do what I do? Cause that's me. Keen here.

Over and out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

to summer. from keen.

welcome to mona.
the home of the world famous rope swing and
big burger,

both of which i experienced on my day off this week.
the rope swing is a summer tradition for me.
and this was my first time at big burger in mona.
it was delicious.

i've wanted to stop at this hamburger stand for years...and i never have.
until now.
it's time to start living i guess.
while we were waiting for our food, this man pulled up in his tractor...
ran into the small market next door.
came out with a six pack of coors...and then hit the road again.
mona, you never cease to impress me.

k.j. and krissy.

me and my delicious ham, turkey & swiss sandwich...
and a very large diet coke.
highly recommend it next time you're kickin' it in mona.

i like this picture. i'm pretty proud of it.
so summer, there you go.
mona, i'll be back.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

to love and be loved.

we walked, and he told me...
the key to happiness is to love and be loved.
i smiled. good answer.
he continued, isn't that what everyone is looking for?
some kind of outlet, some way...
that will allow them to reach their full potential to love.

everyone deserves that chance, don't you think?

Monday, June 7, 2010

let the summer begin.

when i was no more than ten years old, my aunt asked me,
"what are you going to do with your summer?"
mind you, this was a time in life when summer was completely, 100% magical.
and you better believe, i already knew the answer to this question. i
quickly began, "well, i am going to try to..."

she interrupted me, "you're going to try? why try?" she asked. "i don't want a 'try'.
tell me what you are going to

aunty k, here is my list of what i will i will
do this summer.

1. go to the farmers market before work on saturdays.
2. spend the fourth of july in provo, watching the parade, eating street fair food, drinking texas twisters, laying by the pool, bbq-ing the afternoon away...and of course, watching the fireworks. this is
by far my favorite holiday.
3. hike. (i haven't decided the hike just yet)
4. experience mona to the fullest, by going to the rope swing and eating at that little hamburger stand i've always been too frightened to eat at.
5. attend some outdoor concerts...mmm, good music in the summer heat.
it's absolutely perfect.
6. brave the provo river.
dear provo river, you think you won last summer. but heed my words, you have not. and i will be back to prove my worth. yes, you did almost drown me...four times in fact,
(okay, five if you include the summer before that) but this year i am stronger, faster, and wiser. see you soon b.
7. participate in another run...
8. go camping with friends. bring ibc's and roast marshmallows. watch for shooting stars & stay up late talking about meaningless things.
9. rodeo it up. i guess it's the utah in me, but i sincerely love my rodeo experiences. except for when they tie up the calfs by the legs. i don't like that one.
10. buy a watermelon every week.

and that is just the beginning.
i'll probably add to the list as summer continues and document the ones i complete...
let the summer begin.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the adventures of c & me.

c. & i went to salt lake last week...
to see the byu young ambassador performance on
temple square.

this is c.
in case you didn't already know that.
she's my very spunky sister.

this is me and c.
i feel like i'm writing a dr. seuss book or something...

isn't the conference center pretty?
and the weather was quite lovely too.

meet todd.
todd is one of my good friends...
we met in high school.
he is the president of the young ambassadors and is a
very gifted
c & i really enjoyed watching him perform.

and once again,
i can't emphasize it enough...

i have pretty awesome friends.

and so ends another adventure of c. & me.