Monday, June 28, 2010

hello, monday.

deemed as the 'must-have-a-chocolate-chip-cookie-day'
perferably from kneaders, please. make it slightly under baked,
and loaded with chocolatey goodness.
the day after sunday.
warm morning walks and soft special kisses.
sunburnt after falling asleep in the late june sun.
when make-up is just a six letter, hyphened word.
and an extra diet coke is nothing to be ashamed of.
start of a fresh week. a new leaf. another chance to rock the world.
who knows what tuesday, or thursday, or friday will bring.
but who cares.
because it's only monday.
dreaming of those moments with you.
you kiss my forehead and look off, into the distance.
monday's not so bad.
thanks, monday.
and thank you meg (i love this),
i always enjoy reading what you have to say.

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