Monday, June 7, 2010

let the summer begin.

when i was no more than ten years old, my aunt asked me,
"what are you going to do with your summer?"
mind you, this was a time in life when summer was completely, 100% magical.
and you better believe, i already knew the answer to this question. i
quickly began, "well, i am going to try to..."

she interrupted me, "you're going to try? why try?" she asked. "i don't want a 'try'.
tell me what you are going to

aunty k, here is my list of what i will i will
do this summer.

1. go to the farmers market before work on saturdays.
2. spend the fourth of july in provo, watching the parade, eating street fair food, drinking texas twisters, laying by the pool, bbq-ing the afternoon away...and of course, watching the fireworks. this is
by far my favorite holiday.
3. hike. (i haven't decided the hike just yet)
4. experience mona to the fullest, by going to the rope swing and eating at that little hamburger stand i've always been too frightened to eat at.
5. attend some outdoor concerts...mmm, good music in the summer heat.
it's absolutely perfect.
6. brave the provo river.
dear provo river, you think you won last summer. but heed my words, you have not. and i will be back to prove my worth. yes, you did almost drown me...four times in fact,
(okay, five if you include the summer before that) but this year i am stronger, faster, and wiser. see you soon b.
7. participate in another run...
8. go camping with friends. bring ibc's and roast marshmallows. watch for shooting stars & stay up late talking about meaningless things.
9. rodeo it up. i guess it's the utah in me, but i sincerely love my rodeo experiences. except for when they tie up the calfs by the legs. i don't like that one.
10. buy a watermelon every week.

and that is just the beginning.
i'll probably add to the list as summer continues and document the ones i complete...
let the summer begin.

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  1. Kristen!!!!! I hope I can join on all these summer adventures!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Running is fun and we must join in on it!


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