Saturday, June 19, 2010

the question why.

Why am I here? Because I chose to be.
Why did I laugh? I enjoy laughing. Plus, that was dang funny.
Why did the Kristen in the mirror frown today? I'm a girl. We do that sometimes.
Why is my hair blonde? I had it colored that way.
Why do I have to use the green straw for my diet coke at the seven eleven? It's me being ocd. Too much red if I use the red straw.
Why am I tired? My sleeping hours are simply not long enough.
Why did he say that? Nope. Not even going there. If you want to say it, tell me straight up. I refuse to analyze.
Why did I feel threatened? No idea.
Why did I listen to that song? Because it reminds me of you. And you is good, real good.
Why do I run? Because it gives me complete, untainted control over my body and mind.
Why do I keep that secret? Probably because I don't care to tell anyone.
Why am I hesitant? I'm not eighteen anymore. Life happened.
Why am I so blessed? I'm the daughter of a God who wants to see me truly happy.
Why do I write? Because that's what I do.
Why do I do what I do? Cause that's me. Keen here.

Over and out.

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