Wednesday, June 16, 2010

to summer. from keen.

welcome to mona.
the home of the world famous rope swing and
big burger,

both of which i experienced on my day off this week.
the rope swing is a summer tradition for me.
and this was my first time at big burger in mona.
it was delicious.

i've wanted to stop at this hamburger stand for years...and i never have.
until now.
it's time to start living i guess.
while we were waiting for our food, this man pulled up in his tractor...
ran into the small market next door.
came out with a six pack of coors...and then hit the road again.
mona, you never cease to impress me.

k.j. and krissy.

me and my delicious ham, turkey & swiss sandwich...
and a very large diet coke.
highly recommend it next time you're kickin' it in mona.

i like this picture. i'm pretty proud of it.
so summer, there you go.
mona, i'll be back.

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