Monday, July 19, 2010

bluesy, my rubber duck.

as it turns out, i'm not made of stone. i know, i know. shocker.

after a day like today, i could never claim to be.
blew that chance. one minor-ish break down, a few hundred held back (and not-so-held back) tears and ten deep breaths later, and i made it through this beastly, beautiful day.

it's humbling really. i always look at others when they're
melting down and somehow think i'm in more control than that. ha, or not. my apologies to all those i've looked upon in pity.

listen up world, because i admit it. sticks and stones just might possibly break my bones. and words can, in fact, hurt me.

all i really want right now is to go home to someone's comforting arms. to hear that i'm loved. and to hide from the world.

the fact is, you can't please everyone.
mascara will run. caffeine is very missed when absent. life isn't perfect. and york peppermint patties won't ease the pain (but are num-num-ilicious). phew.

now, onto more pleasing topics...i now have a pet. a
small rubber duck in a tuxedo, named bluesy. he was purchased out of a quarter machine, and i feel oddly attached to him. he's a good rubber duck.


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