Friday, July 23, 2010

ramblings of a crazy friday.

one day, i will have children. and they will have a room like this with a giant map, bookshelves full of good reads and baskets for their toys.

of course, it won't always stay looking this lovely. which will probably drive me crazy, because i like to imagine that my future home will always look like a cover shot on house beautiful. nevertheless, this will be their room. their room to dream, to sing, to make get lost in the world of nancy drew or caught up in the magic of j.r.r. tolkien.

one day. i will go to seattle.
be it by plane, or train...or car, or bus. seattle dear, i will find my way to you. maybe it will be next month. or perhaps it will be the following year, but it will happen.

i'm drawn to you, almost as if some cosmic force is telling me that i will find some missing part of myself within your midst. i think about you often, dreaming of your music...walking down your piers in the late morning hours...getting caught in the rain, feeling the chill in my bones. mmmgh.

one day. my walls will be graced by unique, eclectic artwork. and shelves and shelves of books, in all shapes and sizes. who are you? he asks. i tell him. i'm vintage. traditional really, with an edge of contemporary. a transitional twist. i'm funky art and cowhides. simplicity. cleanliness. white. grey. you know, cut and dried, by the rules.

and yet, somehow...i've got a little helter-skelter in me. don't ask me how. clutter, no. collections, yes. a messy bun to keep my hair out of my face, baggy shirts and a touch of blush. it's all in the eye of the beholder, right?

i don't really understand it myself.

one day. i will lay out under the stars and know all the constellations.
this has always, always been a dream of mine. and i always intend to buy a book or take a class...or get on the internet and study the stars...but life always happens first.
and my consetellation dream takes a backseat to the everyday stuff.
stars are magical, right?
i like magical.

one day.

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  1. Someday a star will be named for you!


from keen.