Monday, August 2, 2010

the braver people.

and she was called brave...

brave. what does that mean? strong. fearless. unstoppable. steadfast. to have faith. to hold firm to beliefs. i don't really know, you tell me. i guess the definition just depends on who you're talking to. or who the author of the story is.

somedays, i feel like maybe i am brave. i'd like to be. but then there are mornings when i wake fearing that i lack the necessary components. which may very well be true.

but take a second to stop and look around. take a focused view at this crazy-little-mixed-up world, because bravery can be found all around.

they are the braver people.

no, i don't understand it. i can't pretend like i do. but i cling to the concept nonetheless. and i believe there is the braver person in every one of us.

you see, i can not judge you, because i do not know. i can not say, because the words won't come. i have no advice, because pretending to understand is hollow.

this being said, i can only watch. and hope that in some small way, he'll know.

for he is braver than i am.

perhaps it is the intrigue of his words. or the mystery behind that sculpted shoulder.

he tells me, this world is a place of sadness. why? i ask.

...because as human beings we can see the world in many forms. we are blessed with the ability to see how it could be. it's because of this insight, that we can grown. we are also blessed to see how the world is in reality. this leaves us facing a very visible gap. this is the space between what life could be and what it is. knowing of this gaps existence leaves us quivering in a darker place. it leaves us not knowing where to begin.

this, i had no rebuttal against. this, left me feeling inadequate. a little frightened. a bit amazed. and slightly angry. he was right, i guess...

it is true. but i didn't like that. my mind went wild.

what about the moments of happiness? yes, happiness. what about the times of pure, crazy, insane love? those days when you dance, just because. those minutes when you shiver with delight. those seconds when you close your eyes just to savor the bliss...

because really, god can be found in everything.

words. please. i knew there were words. but i also knew that i would never truly understand his story.

no words came. sigh.

the boy knew the world in a way i did not. and they called him brave.

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