Wednesday, August 4, 2010


today was real. 100%.

and surprisingly. fantastic. it had me fooled at the start, but then left me on the side of the road with nothing but smiles.

hard work and good laughs find me here, sitting on this barstool...feeling sleepy, but the smiles won't cease with the night.

five chocolate macadamia nut clusters (yes, i do believe in love universe...complete with delightful chocolate, caramel, and salt...aka- heaven), an icy cold diet coke and one spectacularly bleached-clean kitchen later and i'm about ready to call it a day. satisfied and content. very content.

with you on the mind and so much excitement for the possibilities of tomorrow. whatever it may be, bring it on. cause' nothing will taint today.

lets just take over the world, shall we?

p.s. i am heading up the mountains this weekend for a little camping trip. i couldn't be more excited. and i hope to be fishing...while sitting on a giant rock (except i think the picture above is the ocean and i will be on a lake...but still, here i go...)


  1. Bring it on! What a great approach to life. I hope you have a billion smiles to go!

  2. I'm so glad you added me as a friend on facebook, because it allowed me to view your blog, which is so full of beautiful words and images and thoughts.

    And Alice Lane? You are a lucky girl - I am working in marketing as well but I can only wish it was for Alice Lane.

  3. Mandy, thank you for your lovely comment. I've always thought you were so darling and gorgeous!


from keen.