Saturday, August 14, 2010

this kitchen.

dear story-of-my-life,

i have a new addition for you. exciting, i know. see this kitchen?


cut and paste this into the "my future" tab of your detailed story. i can see it, very clearly. waking up in the morning, fixing a little breakfast. pouring a bowl of cereal. whipping up some omelets. the kids want blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

but wait. here is the best 8:12 morning kiss from him.

one trip to the grocery store. two bathrooms scrubbed. three children out the door. and a trip to the elementary school to drop of forgotten homework assignments...

lunch already. not enough time in the day.

i'll stand by that stove and reheat the left-overs from the night before. lasagna. chicken and broccoli...salmon. i'm not really sure.

but wait. here is the best part. an afternoon phone call from him. a simple 1:17 i love you that means more than he'll ever know.

four loads of laundry. five thousand toys shoved under the sofa. finally finding a wedding gift for the awkward neighbors. and one hour of 3rd grade multiplication homework later.

dinner time. seriously, not enough time in the day.

the children complain that they're ravenously hungry and could eat the goldfish. please don't eat the goldfish, i tell them. a matter of minutes and it already looks as if i never cleaned that day. and that wad of gum in the three year-old's hair that i simply can't even think about right now.

but look how lovely that kitchen is.

baby crying in the background. sauce boiling on the stove (i'm planning on being a superb cook, in case you haven't caught on. perhaps, i should start working towards that. hm...)

but wait. here is the best part. he walks in from work, the kids grab at his ankles and pull at his pinstriped suit coat. he softly wraps his arms around me...a 6:32 kiss from him.


see, we need this kitchen.




  1. Haha! I love it! The Kitchen is the best! Life is grand isn't it. You'll be an amazing mommy. Love you!

  2. Thank you darling! You're definitely a great example to me of a wonderful mother. Tell Lillie that Aunty Kris says hi! Love you lots.


  3. You will be an amazing mother! You are fabulous at everything you do! Love reading you blog, it's the best.


from keen.