Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall is hot.

it's not only the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
and fall colors up at sundance
that tickle my fancy this time of year.
yeah, you guessed it...
yours truly = a creature of fall fashion.
every year. same story. love and love again.
and this year...
i've got a big fat crush on fall's 'hot' look.

see for yourself. images via h&m
first thing you should know about me:
i encourage denim...

in the right time, and right place.
i loved it's graceful appearance this past summer...
so glad it's sticking around.
and this flight jacket rocks my world.
i confess. i'm a huge sucker for a large knit sweater paired with a
feminine shirt and a good, solid pair of healed boots.
this coat is so classic. and i think i'm going to
hop on-board the glove train quickly here.

this style coat with the boot-cut jean is real, real nice.
hello vest. i've missed you.
and pairing it with a nice hat is
very...hm, i'd say the word for it is 'sassy'.
i'm not completely sure why, but this look is 100%
intriguing to me. i love the 'sporty' mixed with the 'punky'.
creative word choice, i know.
why am i always attracted to the over-sized coats?
i blame it on my full house watching in the 90's...
and yesterday.

day off, meet your new outfit.
looks so comfortable.

love you fall.

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