Sunday, September 19, 2010

long live the queen. i'll be the king.

this past week has left me...
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
(please, someone give me a good recipe)
feeling giddy over the
changing leaves.
crazy over this song.
(brilliant lyrics, brilliant melody)
wanting to let my hair go loose and wild.
very attached.
stressed about the
next seven days.
(let's not even think about that)
eating one too many
chocolate covered raisins.
feeling protective.
stuck, with the heal of my shoe in multiple sidewalk cracks.
(yeah, annoying right?)
giving my heart the lead on this one.
wearing this ring, because i love it.
needing sleep.
missing my
lil' neesh, running free in the islands of hawaii.
wanting a
good solid pair of combat boots.
(is it the 90's grunge in me?)
knowing that perfect is boring.
frustrated at my
handicap when playing fast paced card games.
(i promise i'm a smart girl. i am. i am. i am.)
dreaming...just a little...okay, a lot...about the future.

ready for what next week brings.

1 comment:

  1. a-I want a nice pair of combats as well.
    b- i miss you and love this one :)


from keen.