Sunday, October 3, 2010

carry on.

every day, i learn more about myself.
what i'm doing. where i am headed...what i want most.
what i am willing to do to obtain these goals
...exactly what can and can not stop me.
what makes me cry.
and what scares me most...
what insecurities sneak up on me in the dark.
what brings me happiness.
and sends me to my knees with gratitude.
what hidden scars come back to haunt me.
what future means in my eyes.
patience. understanding. compromise. self-reliance.
these are things that i am learning...
every day.
these things that make me, me.

in short...hi, my name is kris.

i'm the girl that lives on the third floor.
to be exact. that's right...
the one with the odd, disgusting stain where the
welcome mat should be...but isn't.
i'm obsessive compulsive in my own, unique ways.
i'm punctual, almost to a ridiculous extent.
and yes, i get annoyed with others who are not.
i'm the girl that get's her attitude and confidence from her mom.
and her logic and observing demeanor from her dad...
family is my rock. i believe in family, with all the passion i can muster.
i may not be the toughest...
but i will fight to the end for the people i love. no questions asked.
i have a history. i have a past. who doesn't?
i'll accept you for who you are. as long as you're straight with me.
i like to know. i'm curious i guess.
i'm the girl that loves chocolate chip cookies.
i'm baggy sweatshirts, oversized jackets and a good pair of boots.
i'm heals and nice-fitting jeans.
the one that believes full-heartedly in love.
and after many tedious life lessons, is willing to take that risk.
the one that isn't perfect...or even close.
and is scared of messing up.
the one who obsessively wants to make everyone happy.
and that needs to move, just for the sake of moving.
the girl who loves a little 'edge', clean-crisp sheets
and sparkly-fresh-cleaned kitchens...
the girl that becomes absolutely giddy around the holidays.
who loves giving kisses.
and could stare out at the ocean for hours on end.
eh hem.

i am the girl that will one day not be a girl anymore.

but will one day grow up...
and continue to learn. everyday. more and more.
for now, i'll look foward to the lessons of tomorrow.

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