Friday, October 22, 2010

the pace.

the pace of life is quick.
so very, very quick.
almost frightening, how it speeds on by.
it leaves me short of breath.
(or maybe it's this cold i can feel coming on. airborne is currently my best-est friend)
but literally. it's like getting the wind knocked out of you.
i almost forget to breath at times.
each moment is something to cling to.
i love my life. every-single-tiny inch of it.
...a pace that i can't even keep up with.
i love that it's filled to the brim
with liquids of messing-up...of learning, growing and progression.
that free time is a rarity,
and that i honestly run.
actually run from place to place to keep up with it.
i wouldn't wish for it to be any other way.
life is glamorous, like the rockstar shoes i bought the other day.
and yet, very simple. like perfectly worn oak floors.
life is a mystery. like those nancy drew novels i devoured when i was nine.
and surprisingly, predictable...
hm, just like those nancy drew novels i read when i was nine.
life is needy. like me sometimes.
and oh-so-very precious. like the scene i witnessed today while running.
life is fragile. like most good things are.
and life is one big, solid rock. you simply have to discover what stabilizes you.
life is truly beatiful. in all its sincerity and oddness.
it's absolutely stunning.

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  1. KRIS!!
    good work.
    well done.
    love you


from keen.