Sunday, November 28, 2010

ginger snaps and a snowy sunday.

this thanksgiving holiday has been 114% perfect.

it's wonderful it has been. from the perfectly mashed potatoes (thanks mary) to the heaven sent orange rolls, to the in-house dance off between si, shel-bell and yours truly (thanks michael jackson)...which, by the way, i won by a landslide. or should i an impressive hip twist into a bridge followed by a gnarly g-kick, flared with a tasteful touch of stripper-ish body rolling movement.

mmmgh. yeah.

so, i'll pour myself a champagne glass three quarters of the way full with left-over sparkling cider and propose a toast.

a toast, to the thanksgiving now past and the holiday celebrations still to come.


cheers to ice skating at the gallivan center in salt lake. cheers to christmas trees and sitting in barnes and noble reading twas' the night before christmas. cheers to raspberry hot cocoa and kissing under mistletoe. to freezing cold winds and warm fire places. sure, i'll toast to that. to family and beautifully wrapped christmas presents. to holiday shopping and belting out carols in the car. to everything christmas.

let it be known, that today i am feeling quite random.

so many thoughts going in and out of this exhausted mind.

perhaps it is
the 2.5 hours of sleep i got on black friday. left me a bit sleepy.

i'm sitting here by the fireplace, enjoying a ginger-snap from smart cookie (these ginger snaps are truly the most delicious cookie i have ever had in my whole life...they don't sell them usually, but you can get them special ordered. totally worth it. i promise)...just thinking about the changes that will soon take place in my life.

big changes. huge really.

very exciting.

and a little bit scary. good thing this ginger snap is delectable.

i'm just going to keep on keeping on. and even though i'm a tiny-bit frightened, i feel so overwhelmed with gratitude.

oh-how-i-love those little characteristics of living.

like the fact that my sister si and i are absolutely, stand-up, no questions asked, hilarious when we get together. it's undeniable. she is one of the funniest people alive. she can keep up with the best. and i'm privledged to run along side her.

little details.

like how my sister's boyfriend steals sips of my diet coke whenever we go out. and how left-over turkey sandwiches are num-num-il-icious.

small things, that are sometimes even frustrating. for example, watching my mom try to text message or navigate around a computer (she still hasn't quite grasped this generation of technology) and it's absolutely, horrifically frustrating. and yet, looking back on it. i simply smile.

like those intense hour long debates that we find ourselves in. about any number of invigorating how university parking sucks. or why women can't be more like men. and why neil young kicks a**. and then come to realize that we didn't really even understand what the other was saying in the first place.

maybe it's just the way my little writing-blogging-authoring mind works...but i love detail.

i love my freckles and the nun shaped scar on my pointer finger. and how i always end up with the squeaking grocery cart at the market.

i love that my youngest sister is living it up in hawaii. hanging with movie stars from the count of monte christo, hitch-hiking rides with professional surfers (you got lucky there neesh) and sky-diving over the ocean.

i'm thankful for you. and you. and you.

today, i set new goals for myself. became more decisive. made an extremely long to-do list. decorated a christmas tree. learned more about myself while sitting in church. thought more about what you said, 'it's never not the time' (you rocked my world with that one) and thought about all the holiday activities that i must do.

yes. it's going to be a lovely week.

bring on the change. and pour me another glass of that cider.


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