Wednesday, November 17, 2010

makes me right.

yes, this is making me right.

like that bite of fresh, moist chocolate cake coated in the most delicious fudge frosting ever known to mankind. num. num. it made me right.

and when- to my great pleasure- rich girl by gwen stefani came on the radio this afternoon and i eagerly sang/rapped/danced along....what happened to my life turned upside down. chicks that blew your mind. ding. the second round....

that also made me right.

imagining driving through the desert
in an 88' land cruiser, heat sitting so thick you can practically bite into it. old man by neil young playing in the background. tan skin and scruff lining your jaw line. deep breath. seriously, that makes me right.

spending friday night huddled over the toilet. puking. hopelessly, pathetically camping out on the bathroom floor. definitely not my ideal plan for friday date night. but hey, nothing that a little ginger ale and a hot bubble bath couldn't make right.

walking through the mall, soaking up the holiday decorations and christmas colors. large streamer-like ornaments hanging from the ceilings. crowds moving at an abnormally quick pace, knowing the season shopping craze has begun. it's alive in the air. oh-how-that makes me right.

running through the rain-sleet-snow, whatever that was. feeling that icy cold wind burn my eyes and freeze my lungs from the inside out. all the more reason to push myself harder and move my legs faster. no one else is around. cars do not exist. nothing and no one can push me but myself.

definitely, definitely makes me right.

this song makes me right.

this scripture, in it's beautiful simplicity. in the peace it brings me...yes, it makes me very right.

dreaming of one day having a charming home of my own. with a family that is mine. and a king size bed to share with my husband. putting up our own, perfect christmas tree. and braving the roof as we attempt to line our house in christmas lights. making the recipes that my mom made when i was growing up. starting our own unique funky traditions that will become a part of our children's hearts.

and maybe they too will stop by home around the holidays
, just for a random i did last night. simply to feel the comfort of a warm house, filled to the brim with holiday decor...with classic hallmark christmas shows playing on tv. my family moving about, each individual person doing their own thing. nothing special. nothing fancy. and oh-how-deeply i love it. just one of those days...when a girl needs home.


that makes me right.

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