Tuesday, November 9, 2010

marching in the big parade.


really, i don't think i could be more excited about the holidays.
i might as well be a small child that still believes in santa claus...
because i'm completely giddy for the holidays.
this little girl has officially left me feeling a little too obsessed
with whipping my hair back and forth.
oh-how-i-wish i had her sass. and ghetto dance moves.
diet coke plus me still equals love.
perfect is just a silly word. and i can't be it. (i know, right. who knew?)
so i have to accept that.
whenever i hear 'thunder rolls' by garth brooks
i immediately picture a snowy road through the rocky mountains...
working our way to mccall, idaho.
i'm scared. i confess.
scared of time passing too quickly. scared of the future.
scared of big decisions. scared of losing you.
running keeps me sane. and i am slightly addicted to it.
i've been making pretty good homemade cookies.
okay, they're from the betty crocker bag (just add an egg and butter)
but who cares, they rock. and i feel proud.
sorry, i suck at girl talk.
i'm crazy about modern family. love it.
and i have a huge girl crush on julie bowen (who plays the mom).
i still love my country rock music.
neil young will always have my heart.
i'm glad that i grew up in a family that drove the ugliest white box van, with a red stripe around the whole exterior...
i think it built character. maybe, a large part of why we are the way we are.
it was similar to this but just a red stripe. sexy, eh?
i've been having a lot of dance parties by myself lately.
it's a good stress reliever.

so, there it is. i confess. life is good. no, it is beautiful.
it's not easy. at all.
but that's how we like it.

doesn't matter who you are. or who you're not.
all it takes is a little love to make a handout worth a lot.
swimming in the deep blue sea.
marching in the big parade.

-neil young, light of love

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