Sunday, November 14, 2010

where'd you go?

remember the song where'd you go?
by fort minor...

good one, huh?
i woke up this morning with it playing through my head.
this is a sign.
it's happened before...
i immediately thought of my girls. of all the memories i cling to.
of all the times i cherish...

it's time for a little stroll down memory lane.
i dedicate this post to you guys.

(i've pulled together some of our most classic photos...)

the beginnings.
at the notorious glenwood.
if i breath real deep, i can still get a whiff of the moldy/dead rat smell that graces each and every glenhood apartment.

we had a roommate that moved out soon after the year began.
but she left us with an enormous self-portrait on our living room wall.
pretty classic.

oh man. we were so young.
eighteen and knowing absolutely nothing of what our futures would hold.
p.s. aubry had just cut her hair and was looking pretty dang sexy.

proudly sporting my new bangs.
notice all my hair changes throughout the pictures...
so great.

and here we are at carriage cove...
the sad part about this picture is...we ate most of that cake all ourselves.

one of our classic portraits.
night skiing/snowboarding.

christmas at carriage cove.
i am proud to admit, i bought jess these beauties.

i couldn't love this picture of aubs more.
i loved that christmas tree with all my heart.
and i love that girl more than all the chocolate chip cookies in the world.

our christmas card picture.
this was pretty much the only decent one out of probably thirty tries.

see that slipcover on the sofa behind us?
yeah, that thing was honestly the destroyer of my sanity.
i would straighten and smooth and fold those things probably seven times a day.

our crazy a. photo shoot...

attitude, what?
i eat this crap up.

each one of these girls has gone on to do amazing things.
they're rockstars.

and aubry shares my love for diet coke.
no, these weren't all hers.

the days of the king henry...

one of our classic nights at the byu library.
living it up with the cougs.
(if you look really close you can see my 'uvu' account up on my computer...shhhhh, don't tell)

oh yeah...and i went dark for a while.
not my favorite.
but as my cousin says, "every girl has got to try it at some point".

these are my besties.
i miss them. a lot.

where'd you go?
i miss you so.
seems like it's been forever.
that you've been gone...
please come back home.

to hear song click here.


  1. I think on December 29th!!!! I couldn't be more excited!

  2. Kristen, I live in the same town silly!

    P.S. There are some scary pictures of me...yikes.

  3. I know. Ha ha. We really should get our act together and have some chummy girl time.

    p.s. we only take sexy pics jess. remember?


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