Thursday, December 16, 2010

i wish i was a sailor, with someone who waited for me.

sure, i will admit it: i'm overwhelmed.

not just moderately overwhelmed. but the actual conquered and defeated, flag raised up in desperate surrender-kind-of-overwhelmed.

but i hate, hate focusing on that. because the truth is, i will figure it out. i will get over it. and if i were to sit tonight and complain and cry about my troubles...i would only regret it tomorrow.

if i am strong. then i will look back with gratitude and maybe give myself a pat on the back.

so for now, we'll leave it at that.

before i sign off, i suggest you watch the "classy christmas" episode of the office from last week. (really though, i can't get over how well written it was)

and perhaps, listen to this song by my boy eddie vedder. i love the lyrics. hence, the title of this post.

hm. and maybe even treat yourself to a little kanye west "monster" from his new album. fair warning: only listen to the 'clean' version. it's way better anyways.

remember that family is number one.

and please.
just close your eyes as someone you love embraces you. feel the comfort and security. maybe shed a tear if you need to.

that's why they are there. and they love you.

and finally, look for any possible reason to wear your new faux fur earwarmer from urban outfitters.

because it's rockstar.

so long white flag, tomorrow is a new day.

over and out.

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