Wednesday, December 22, 2010

middle earth.

this week is christmas. i know, right? what the h.?

how did that sneak up on us?

time flies.

this week i couldn't stop listening to sister golden hair. i'm not sure why. memories, i guess. tuscon. desert heat. those turtles. and an airplane ride home.

looking out that window at dry earth so far below. wondering, just wondering what would come next.

this week was all about people.

i saw people from my past. from the day before. from nowhere. from that moment on. and that was enough.

i loved it. i really couldn't get enough.

this week i put on a small black dress and sequined peep-toe shoes, curled my blond hair and applied some waterviolet lip shade.

a night out.

yes, i am definitely a dress-up kind of girl.

this week i came home, took of those sequined heels and formal dress. washed the make-up from my face and looked up into the mirror...and i was still beautiful.

my pajamas went on, socks pulled up over my sweats. cause' i'm a cozy-in-my-fluffy-socks with a good chick flick kind-of-girl.

mmmgh. yeah.

this week i realized that i really don't want to be thirty-three and single. pllleeeaaasssee. pretty please. i'd rather pluck my eyes out with a chop stick before i get to that point.

this week i watched lord of the rings one morning at the gym.

yeah, i had totally forgotten how whimsical those movies are. really though. they are so insanely good. perhaps i will watch them all over break.

anyone down for a little middle-earth marathon?

this week i almost cried when thinking about seattle. okay, not really.

but i do need to go there. and i will.


why? because something is there. something is calling me. i don't think i will ever be complete without it.

this week i called someone out on posing as a radiohead fan. unfortunately for them, they didn't realize before speaking that i could pwn on them.

and seriously, if i know more about radiohead then you, and you're claiming to be die-hard...then we've got a problem. i know what a true fan looks like.

and i'm not going to claim to be one. and they shouldn't have either.

this week was simple. and beautiful.

this week had it's ups and downs. but mostly up's.

this week i was so, so tired.

this week i grew insanely fond of sleeping on that little memory foam pad.

this week i read some of my old poetry and found my watercolor brush. this week i thought about potential and selling yourself short.

this week i thought about you.

and this week i prayed. for so many reasons. for so many things. but mainly....just to talk. to talk to someone who knows me better than i know myself.

and that right this week.

nighty night.

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