Saturday, December 11, 2010

we're elves. with attitude.

need some holiday movie ideas?
here are my top ten favorites:
straight from the keen holiday collection.
(and not judge my overall taste of movies off of the selection i am about to give you. christmas movies fall in a very different category of entertainment for me...
wait, what am i saying?
these movies rock! judge all you want!)

1. christmas with the kranks.
tim allen and jamie lee curtis.
the santa claus meets christmas vacation.
great for the whole family. witty script, entertaining yet simple plot. enjoyable time and time again.

2. unlikely angel.
dolly parton.
call it a 'one woman show'. call it a 'voluptuous success'.
originally made for tv, unlikely angel is a heartwarming story about ruby diamond, a struggling country singer, who dies in a sudden car crash and will not be let into heaven without completing one final task on earth....
what could it be? you ask. you're going to have to watch to find out.
(be watching for the choir scene at the end...her slit goes up to Timbuktu and honestly, i don't have words big enough to express my feelings on those two darlings on her chest.)

3. a boyfriend for christmas
kelli williams and patrick muldoon
a dynamic duo.
this sweet tale is a hallmark original movie that i was blessed to come across a number of years ago. filmed in salt lake, it really hits close to home (get it? because salt lake is very close to home...) because i can't say it any better, i'd like to quote the imdb tagline for this film.
eh hem.
"on christmas day, santa brings to lonely people together.
but can love overcome deception?"
intriguing, right?
let's just say...when i do have a bfs at christmas time, for their own sanity's sake, they should probably just learn to love this flick. because it's most definitely not going anywhere.

4. i'll be home for christmas.
johnathan taylor thomas.
um. yes. a hunk, a hunk of burning christmas luuuuuv.
and for you guys out there, jessica biel co-stars. and though it is back in her 'seventh heaven' days (pre-2005 when esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman alive) she's still looking pretty fine.
seriously some long-lasting family quotes pulled from that movie.

5. elf
will ferrell.
what's a christmas gram? i want one.
this film will forever be deemed as a holiday classic.
i can't think of anything that tops it.

6. a very tanner christmas (holiday episode of full house)
full of the usual tanner-clan excitement, drama and life lessons...
this christmas at the tanners is one that i watch every year.
stephanie and michelle have gone gift crazy, d.j. and steve have a temporary but painful break-up, becky misses her traditional white christmas back home in nebraska (but don't worry ladies, uncle jesse--a.k.a our very own 90's icon romeo-licious--will surprise her with another all-star romantic gesture) and danny gets a little christmas surprise of his own when vicki shows up to their holiday party dressed in a santa suit.
man, how do you top a story-line like that? full house has it going on!

7. it's a wonderful life
james stewart.
obviously i couldn't leave this one off. it's so classic.
really though, i have always loved this movie.
who doesn't?
"look daddy. teacher says, everytime a bell rings an angel get's it's wings..."
attaboy clarence.

8. the one with the creepy holiday card
friends christmas episode
so freakin' good.
you need, need, need to see this one if you haven't.
ross really shines in this episode...
one of my favorite quotes:
you gave her a key to you apartment?
"not just a key...i gave her the only key!
i am now a homeless person in a very serious relationship!"

9. the one with the holiday armadillo
another friends christmas episode...
you have to see this one too.
"ben, why don't you go open some presents,
while santa, the armadillo and i have a little talk in the kitchen.
now there's a sentence i never thought i'd say."

10. the santa clause
tim allen.
i wasn't a huge fan of the second or third,
but the first 'santa clause' will forever be a favorite of mine.
it kind of makes me want to be an elf.
"we're your worst nightmare. we're elves with attitude."
you've got to love that sass.

....and there you have it.
my top ten holiday movie/show choices.

merry christmas.


  1. I miss Esteban. He's in the hospital.

  2. I'll be home soon Zorrito. Tell mi mama and mi papa that i will be home soon.

    Santa said so.


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