Friday, January 14, 2011

her hair grows wild, but her mind's intact.

this, this is my happy list...
{a compilation of the things that make me want to jump-up-and-down in celebratory bliss...}
my box set of every friends episode there ever was.
(if my apartment went up in destroying flames, it would honestly be one of the first things i grabbed)
my long, blonde hair.
(not sure why, but i've been loving my long, crazy hair as of late.)
just another by pete yorn & high and dry by radiohead
(they've been on repeat. a lot. i'm eating that shiz up.)
the organic chocolate chip granola bars on sale at smiths.
(just bought two more boxes last night. num, num.)
thinking of springtime with the cougs.
(frisbees. knee-length shorts. bbq's. pasty-white-skin. i love spring so, so much)
having my bestie back.
(it's like nothing's changed...we can go out on the town, make fun of people, sip our diet coke,
chat about things we find interesting and make ourselves laugh. just like we always did.)

(i can't wait to see the sun again and get my freckles back.)
dreaming of vacationing here.
(i know, right?)
long talks at 1:30 a.m.
(feeling so content. so sure that things will be okay. makes me so, so happy)
listening to my old-time country stations.
(getting on my garth brooks and kenny rogers)
running in st. george next week.
(i feel the adrenaline begin just thinking about it.)
despicable me.
(have you seen it? if not, it's a must.)
this poem i wrote.
(it has been going through my head lately.)
growing up.
getting over things.
knowing that the possibilities are endless.


happy, happy list.


  1. Love it. Spring time is way to far away. And I have been listening to both those songs this week.

  2. ps you have 23070 views and I am the only one that comments on this blog.


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