Saturday, January 8, 2011


welcome. two thousand and eleven.

make yourself at home. let's you and me have a little chat. maybe lay some ground rules before we let the ball start rolling.

two thousand and ten was quite the year. and frankly, you've got a lot to live up to. so step up to the starting line.

ready? better be.

see darling, i play a hard game. competitive by nature and obsessive compulsive to the point of making myself sick. between you and me- i'm probably more of a fighter than a lover. but don't jump to any conclusions. because when i love i do it right. that, i guarantee.

you and i are going to be the best of friends. we've got a lot of good to offer one another. and just like any relationship we'll have our strengths and weaknesses.

and that's okay.

past years have proven difficult. they've tried the limitations of what i already knew and pushed past the barriers that kept me sheltered in my own whimsy world of lollipops and gumdrops. not really. i mean, i didn't actually live in a world of old-school, willy wonka-ish candy...but some might say it was a world of naivety. and they would be correct.

i used to be a hopeless romantic. not any more. nope, but those sure were the days- let me tell ya.

and no, that is not a bad thing. i've simply had, lost, and watched the life-cycle of love. and truth be told, it doesn't vary all that much. each situation has it's similarities to the last. i guess there are only so many characteristics to go around.

at first this surprised me, but now i understand. love is love. you're going to search and search for it. just as you should. but that doesn't mean it'll always work. in fact, most of the time it won't. i know, right?

take that nicholas sparks.

but. yes, there is a but...

as many times as you'll watch it fail, all it takes is that once. that one time that it won't.

the one time that it's going to stick. forever.

okay fine. maybe i'm still a little bit of a romantic.

if you haven't guessed it already, i am a writer. and you should probably just accept that now, being that i will-on occasion-be documenting my thoughts, emotions...and problems with you. don't take it personally. just be happy that i'm willing to express myself.

i've got a big bat. and i'm ready to swing. (i kind of stole that from dr. seuss, with some slight modifications)

two-thousand-eleven, i've got big hopes for you. big hopes. my expectations are high and don't expect to disappoint.

rest assured, i'm sure there will be an unsuspected day when you'll watch as i crash and burn. like my 2004 jetta on that dreary december day of two thousand and six...yup, crashed and burrrrned. eh-hem, my fault. and if that does happen- and i pretty much can promise you it will- i may need a hand to get back up. i've got your back babe. i hope you have mine.

i ask you, please do not judge me during those weak moments. i always turn it around. one way or another.

i'll fix things.

i'm a problem solver and a thinker. sometimes with problems that really aren't mine to fix. and often thinking through things just a bit too hard. nonetheless, i am.

two thousand and eleven, times are promising. real, real promising. this world that we live in is constantly blowing my mind. just the other day i had a meeting with a representative from a local/prominent tv station. she was not much older than me, perhaps a year or two.

we sat discussing the power of media, the business behind it, and the goals we are both looking towards in our various lines of work. i couldn't help but think about how that right there is what today's world is: a rising generation of stellar young adults. they're keeping up and they're going to stay ahead. it's what we were bred to do. we can thank our parents for that...

and mark zuckerberg.

i look around and am constantly amazed by what i see. i have friends doing such kick-a things. friends going to law school. friends becoming doctors and dentists. friends that are practically rockstars. i'm surrounded by people that are not only doing good things but are racing right up there with the best. successful, driven, spunky people that inspire me.

mmmgh. go team.

oh future. what will you hold?

will you bring the things i hope you will? will you surprise me with the fears i'm most frightened of? will you whisper sweet nothings in my ear, get my hopes up and then watch me crumble?

tell me. i'd like to know. i'm too curious to be left in the dark.

maybe one day, when things are tough and we're straining for air, we'll hop in my camry and take off for the coast. we'll walk down ocean piers and feel the rain on our dry skin...taking comfort in the fact that things will always be okay in the end.

life is beautiful.


waking up in the morning and knowing that i choose what happens that day. i love pushing my limitations. running further, pushing myself harder. it's such an addicting high.

i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

so cheers to that.

all-in-all, i'm predicting that two thousand and eleven is going to be a stellar year.

not perfect, but...perfect in it's own, messed up sort of way.

so welcome. i'm glad you're here.

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