Saturday, January 29, 2011


i recently had my style defined as "fashionable, yet effortless. with an element of surprise."

the source of this definition was a fashion 'icon'--if you will--in the world i live in. (if i've lost your interest already then you should probably just stop reading, because yes...this post is all about fashion and design and it's not going anywhere else.)


needless to say, having this colorful description pinned on me was the gold star of my week.

fashion and design have always been passions of mine. it's art, really. piecing together just the right amount of color with the perfect mix of style. topped off with a touch of you.

call me vain. bash on it all you want.

i dare you.

but when you have that day. the day where you pull together a masterpiece of an outfit that combines two different patterns with just the right amount of contrast, combined with a solid colored sweater, a pair of off-black leggings and some good brown leather boots with a hint of 'western', you may be saying something different.

it's like that time when you paired those slender black levi's with that deep navy blue t-shirt and a pair of loafers. i didn't believe you at first. but when put together--made complete sense.

that's what fashion is (to me at least)...mixing up this and that, one color with another, pairing up what you like--what makes you, you--and making sense out of it.

to me, that's exciting. for me that's a winning touchdown. a home run. for me that's about as exciting as getting 'jimmered'.

i know a lot of you probably hate me now, being that jimmer is the new crush of every boy and girl byu sport fan.

but that's the kind of heart-beating excitement i get when viewing a piece of artwork that impacts me emotionally. the kind of energy i feel when re-decorating my apartment...and dreaming of the possibilities. the pride and magnetism i feel when expressing who i am through art and fashion.

so where does my style come from? it's kind of a fun question to ask yourself. think about it.

let me dissect it for you. just like that frog in 9th grade biology (i hated cutting up that frozen toad so, so much)

...but let biology class begin.

see, i was born in san diego
. it was there that i spent my younger years.

the beach was my haven. sandcastles were the blueprints of my future home. and the tide caves were my secret headquarters. i really had something going, as you can see.

even the chickenpox couldn't keep me from immersing myself in that salty water (really though, i spent my chickenpox days running through the bone-chilling waves at ocean beach)

my parents are california natives. their families are both from there. yup. really we're just a big california family.

i was always influenced by that lifestyle. the easy-breezy-sun-tanned-skin with freckles and a nice pull-over sundress with some strappy sandles. easy. carefree.

let your hair fall in whatever style it chooses. those salt-water crafted curles that can not be achieved in any other way with minimal make-up. you just throw on some mascara, maybe a touch of blush and let those freckles do their magic.

for the days when you're not at the beach, you're putting on a pair of good fitting jeans or shorts, a loose tank top and wrapping that sun-bleached hair into a bun on the top of your head. now just throw on some sunglasses and you're set.

man, i do love that life. it's innate within me. so simple and free.

my california roots inspired that simple, effortless look.

after living in california my family moved to boise, idaho. i know, right? why? well...let's not get into that. just know that even though it took a while...boise became home and equally as much a part of me.

without a doubt, it was living in boise that left me with that 'western' flare that i often incorporate into my style.

it fits, right?

me and my cowboy boots (thanks diane, the boots still rock everytime i slip them on) and old country rock neil young and america. dang, i love that stuff.

we'd go to all sorts of rodeos and county fairs. i recall a time when i had the rodeo queen (who i remember as being absolutely stunning...not sure if that was just me as a little girl making it up, or if she actually was gorgeous...most likely the former) autograph a picture of herself for me. on it she said, "reach for the stars and nothing less."

absolutely. laughable? for sure. do i think about that often? no, never. but when thinking of what defines my style, i can't help but think of these different experiences that each played their own parts in sculpting the person i am today. in fashion and in everyday life.

so there you go miss rodeo queen idaho. changing one life at a time. shhhhazam.

one-too-many rodeo's and trips to simplot's potato farm later (hence my destroying love french fries and anything with potatos)...and we moved to alpine, utah.

it was here that i did most of my 'growing up.'

no, i wouldn't say that utah itself has affected my fashion sense or style, but rather the experiences i have had here.

the 'growing up' experiences.

learning who am i. and that it is important to embrace my up-bringing, my roots...the things that i am drawn to.

enduring through the horrible make-up years, when i just couldn't quite get it right. too much blush or too much bottom-lid eyeliner (eeek)...or odd, slightly bizarre lip gloss colors. mmmm, those pictures are oh-so-insanely-painful and yet very humorous to look at.

but i learned. thanks mac.

my first real bra (i was a late bloomer). the first thicker-than-one-inch sole shoes (so scandalous). and first time i realized that i could actually look kind-of hot if i tried (after the braces came off, of course).

growing up, i learned not to base what i love around what others do. so yes, i like music that a lot of people don't understand and maybe seek out odd-slightly creepy artwork...but this isn't because it's 'different'. it is because it is what i love. and i hold onto it tightly.

problem with that? no, ok. that's what i thought.

my mother is an artist. my father is a business man.

i'm creative with an edge of professional, artistic with a logical mind.

i like to express myself through my clothing, through design...through the way i display my life. whatever that may be.

so ducky
, take that for what it's worth.

like me. or don't.

but that's all keen.

oh, and jimmered obviously has nothing to do with this blog post, but i just like saying it.

p.s. if anyone can tell me how to get my hair to look like the girl's in the photo here, i will seriously love you forever. it rocks.


  1. you're so vain. you probably think this blog comment is about you...don't you.

  2. you walked into the you were walking onto a la la...


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