Friday, January 28, 2011

mi mama, mi papa...and my dog zorrito.

i'm sitting here. just thinking.
had some heathy choice soup for lunch.
a banana for a snack.
and am now dying for an orange peel smoothie.
i recommend the 'big kahuna'.
it's their best. i give it five stars.
two thumbs up.
one thousand five-hundred and two 'keen loves your a' points.
and with all this thinking about orange peel smoothies...
i can't help but think about my family.
going to st. george and sipping on smoothies is kind of my family's 'thing'.
and oh-how-i-love them.
i have the two most gorgeous, energetic, hilarious sisters a girl could ever have.
seriously, they're humor is so witty and quick.
and we're all fairly weird.
but cute.
and sometimes creepy.
okay, and seriously...
i have some of the hippest grandparents around.
you should take a look of the old pictures of my grandpa on his motorcycle with his coast guard uniform on...
it's no wonder all the old ladies in their neighborhood are crushin' on him.
and my extended family brings me so much happiness.
(and though this is not nearly all of is the most recent picture i have)
all and all...
i love my family.

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