Sunday, February 6, 2011

GQ-ing it.

my top ten movie choices
for the month of february.
(also known as my "single and kickin' it--don't pity me" list of valentine's day movies.)

1. lars and the real girl.
this is number one for a reason. it's my favorite.
it's been a valentine's tradition for a few years now.
and no, it's not really about love 'per se'.
more about a delusional man who thinks he is dating a plastic doll.
but don't judge. watch it for yourself.
oh and bonus:
it stars our oh-so-beautiful GQ cover boy ryan gosling.
(pictured above)

2. what happens in vegas
how can you not love cameron diaz and ashton kutcher?
just answer me that.
'don't get hit by a bus. or do. whatever.'

3. 27 dresses
i love this movie because it kind-of reminds me of myself.
katherine heigl is a bit compulsive.
and a hopeless people pleaser.
and james marsden is charming as always.
the two together = perfection.

4. valentine's day
once again, we've got ashton kutcher on board (so cute).
along with a whole slew of other big names.
i hated it in theaters.
but love it now.
in a nutshell...jessica alba can't act, but what else is new?
bradley cooper is gay.
don't cry ladies. he's not that gorgeous.
patrick dempsey is a handsome doctor.
i guess he doesn't branch out much.
jessica biel. okay, okay...pretty hot.
oh, and taylor lautner manages not to morph into a werewolf.

5. pride and prejudice
i know what you're thinking. 'of course.'
but really. this movie is one of the greatest known to man-kind.
by writing this story,
jane austen
changed the expectations of every romance tale from
that point onward.
engraving the concept into every female's mind,
that falling in love with the arogant, conceded...overly-confident man
is the most hopelessly romantic way to go.
and you wonder why girls go for that type?
yup, i blame her.

6. the notebook
obviously, this is a classic.
plus, it's also starring our beautiful GQ man.

7. the devil wears prada
i'm not really sure why i like this movie so much.
becauase it really just makes me never want to eat again...
and spend a lot of money that i don't have...
on new clothes that i don't need.
all very bad things.
but i love it. so whatev.

8. music and lyrics
i never would have paired them together
but drew barrymore and hugh grant are a rockin' duo.
and cora hold's a dear place in my heart.

9. sleepless in seattle
three reason's why i love this movie:
1) it has seattle in it.
2) meg ryan--back when she was cool.
3) the soundtrack. seriously, kick-a soundtrack.

10. pretty woman
richard gere + julia roberts = best chemistry ever.
i dare you to disagree with that.
and...they always show it on tv
like everyday during the month of february.
it's a little-bit cleaner that way.

so there you go.
and if anyone would like to join me in watching any of these winners...
let me know.

happy lovin'.

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