Saturday, February 5, 2011

i can't go to taco bell. i'm on an all-carb diet.

the ladies and i are going out for a little
'girls night' extravaganza tonight.
that's right.
we're gonna eat. way too much.
then wish we could puke it up immediately after.
(we're not bulimic i promise.)
we're going to talk about all sorts of crap that has no actual value.
probably use the words 'cute', 'like' and 'so-totally'obsessively.
and use tech-savvy acronyms such as 'omg', 'bff' and 'thdn' (triple hottie double nottie, duh.)
and end our senteces with 'yeahhhhhh....'
(held out for an overly zealous amount of time)
or with the ever-so-popular question 'i know, right?'
perhaps then we will create a fuzzy pink burn book
full of raunchy gossip that we will then
distribute to the entire school in hopes of causing complete, jealous mayhem.
(experiencing a little 'mean girls' deja vu right now?)
yes, sir.
girls night. here we come.
(oh and don't you worry, i'll post some suuuper cute pics after.)

p.s. in honor of valentines day,
i've come up with a list of traditional 'i heart you' movies
(the one's that i usually end up watching alone on my sofa every february 14th)
i'll post those tomorrow.

oh. and the title is from mean girls. fyi.

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