Sunday, February 6, 2011

jessica. and the carmindy wanna-be.

sometimes i am an annoying friend.
and i force my old-roommates to let me color their hair and do their make-up.
(but if i do say so myself...i do a kick-a job.)
here i am doing jessica's make-up.
i used to dream of being carmindy on 'what not to wear'.
aubry then convinced jessica to buy these
rockin' jeans and darling shoes.

aubry is forcefully persuasive (don't tell her i said that)...
jessica looked super hot.
aubs and jess.
thanks for being a good sport jess.
we heart you.
you're smokin'.


  1. If I do say so myself...Jessica Dixon is looking pretty freaking good these days...Her number is 8018227441.

  2. i have stumbled across your blog...
    its really awesome.
    you are a great writer.


from keen.