Saturday, February 19, 2011

just another.

don't be jealous...
but i went to the pete yorn show
at the depot this week.

it was a dream come true.
really though.
it blew my mind to itsy-bitsy pieces.
here's some pics i took...
maybe you can re-live
it with me.
i'm ridiculously proud of this photo.
really though, it's rad, right?
the way that stage light is catching the raw action. mmmgh.
there is just something about drums.

the crowd at the depot.
i'm loving mr. personality on the left...
meet my new boyfriend: pete's guitarist.
can you say, 'hubba-hubba'?
once again...
so proud of how i captured the drum action.
pete. our man.
singing my favorite, just another.
it was an insane show.
so, so mind-blowing.
this is my second favorite picture.
this guy was probably the most talented, spunky...drunk bassist
that ever graced the face of rock and roll.
okay maybe not...but it was unfair how gifted he was.
thanks pete.
you changed my life.
oh, and i heart your shoes so very much.

check out his stuff here.

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  1. pete... pete... pete... pete... pete... pete...that guitarist is so mine Kris.


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