Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my blue heaven.

it's now february.
and what do i have to say for myself?
for the month of january?

for starters, i am no friend of the january cold.
and the freezing-a morning walks to the car
that really can make a person want to lash out irrationally.

secondly, i can't manage to curl my hair and have it look decent.
loose waves. no. crimped waves. no. braided waves. no.
so i've given up.
please help.

third. i'm 100%. head-over-heals in love with this perfect space i have pictured above.
sleek, floral slightly retro chairs. check.
funky, eclectic artwork gallery. chhhhheck. ba-da-bing.

i could care less about valentines day.
nope, has nothing to do with being single or whatever my relationship status may be. i simply don't care. and don't need excess amounts of chocolate.

fifth...alone time can be therapeutic.
lots of time today to think. and i'm feeling very 'up' about life.
though my overly-positive, slightly giddy-ish and partially 'high' current outlook on life may have been caused by the more-than-sufficient amount of chemicals
i inhaled while sealing tile for six hours today.

diet coke. still good.
applesauce. mmmgh, good (and oh-so-refreshing)
olive garden salad. why can't i stop craving you?
seriously, stop.

seven, yoga class with aubster.
here i come.

eight. sometimes you just have to shake things off.
you can look back. you can think back. you can wonder. you can let old feelings haunt you.
and really...is it going to make a difference?
shake it off, and move along.

nine. i like rental cars.

...and finally
. last but not least. number ten.
bring on february.
it's gonna rock.
my best friend's bachelorette extravaganza.
pete yorn in concert at the depot.
trips to las vegas.
birthdays and chocolate chip cookies.
hopefully more sleep.
hanging with my bff.
time with the cougs. lots of friend's episodes.
taking over the world.
of course.

p.s. title comes from smashing pumpkins song, my blue heaven.
all time favorite. look it up.

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  1. so does this mean you can go to the concert or am I going by myself?


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