Wednesday, March 2, 2011

biaggi's (bachelorette extravaganza part II).

the bachelorette dinner was held at
in salt lake at the gateway.

can you say, num-num?
erin, her aunts and her mom.
diane, erin, emily and meredith.
(mom + sisters)
aren't they beautiful?
seriously. so gorgeous.
yours truly, emily, er-bear, jess, and aubs.
as you can see by the wrapping,
this bachelorette part alone is keeping victoria's secret in business.
erin recieved all sorts of lovely (sexy) gifts.
but i decided to keep this g-rated and only post the sexiest.
her night gown/rug/carpet-thing.
love it.

next up, bachelorette extravaganza part III.
yup, there is a part three.


  1. er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear er bear.

  2. Okay so besides Kris we are all a very white group of friends and I think I make everyone else look tan. Can you say tannig bed? I would be there tomorrow if I thought it would help. But alas I must come to terms with my whitness, which I always pretend that I have.

  3. This is all sooo fun! Congrats to Erin! We need a good picture of that ring. :) Love the shirts too! miss you guys!


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